– Free Music

Just found out about this web, tons of free music.

You may need a program to open the .rar files. Try using Zipeg.




26 responses to “ – Free Music

  1. to many pop ups brou

  2. shush

  3. has been “killed”, but I’m working in something like it was.

    You can find here.
    twitter: @musicatmyhome

    see ya!

  4. Why was it killed?Where are the contributors gone?


    it was my homepage for over 6 months, i fucking LOVE(d) that website!

  6. I don’t know yet! But really want too! was a HUGE font of music for me!

  7. for me as well. please update these comments if you come across any other sites that are similar to the great

    ’tis a sad day

  8. right, I’m constructing the “Music at my home”, but still have a lot of work to do, making a huge library.

    Here in Brazil I see a lot of sites, just for downloads but the content is a fucking shit.

  9. What am I going to do without Nodata??? It was my only source of music! fuck!


    This is similar but not as frequently updated, and not as varied in music genres.

  11. oh nooo nodata was the most useful thing on the internet!! fuck…

  12. not a big deal, it seems like they get shut down once or twice a year, they are down for a few weeks , and then pop up somewhere else

  13. 😦 i don’t believe it. has been killed… pleaz, bring it back!!!

  14. Of course it’s really tought to support a site like
    I’m seeing this because is taking me a lot of time and it’s not even 5% complete… (!)

  15. I fucking loved

  16. was a great discovery, hope it comes back! or it is fucking over

  17. was one of the finest music blogs out there – a constant source of 320kbsp goodness. if it is gone then I’ll be gutted

  18. boo. please post here if you find anything close to as good as nodata.

  19. It’s back baby!! same site same place

  20. They have Deleted my blogger, but I’ve made it again in WordPress, please SUPPORT IT!

    Let’s have culture accessible!

  21. Q’ lastima estos amigos no quieren compartir la música, muere, pero no el gusto por la música, esperamos tengan alguna carta bajo la manga, para q’ nos sorprendan.

  22. Need a similar blog ? Here’s a good one :

  23. check out for something similar
    RIP nodata!

  24. it always comes back.

    source: it’s back.

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